Event Management

From the Office to the Field

With over 50 years of event management experience, we’re all about the details. From conception to execution, we create impactful events that engage your target market, increase brand exposure, and drive results.

Our team can manage your brand’s integration into sponsored events or customize new events to meet your particular needs. We also have the ability to create turnkey programs that can be applied in multiple locations across the country.

At S&E Sponsorship Group, we provide B2B and B2C event management services which includes:

  • Event planning
  • Communication with key stakeholders
  • Coordination with supporting agencies (i.e. Advertising/PR/Media/Online)
  • Volunteer management
  • Negotiation with vendors
  • Development of local media promotion
  • On-site event management and execution
  • Post-event wrap reports with program results and recommendations

Excellence in execution is what we are known for. Our highly skilled team knows what it takes to produce flawless sponsorship events, every time.

Please contact us for more details about our event management services.